doja cat twitter video – Doja Cat changes Twitter – Doja Cat Tweets full video

Doja Cat changes Twitter video

Doja was scheduled to perform as part of the Asunciónico festival in Paraguay earlier this week, which was canceled due to flooding. Some on Twitter expressed disappointment that the artist reportedly didn’t stop to take photos or meet with fans outside her hotel in Paraguay.

doja cat twitter video full video

Others such as Miley Cyrus and Machine Gun Kelly did try to make up for the fact that the fans didn’t get to enjoy the entire concert. While Cyrus tweeted about the same, Kelly went a step ahead and organised a mini-concert in front of her hotel, for her fans.

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Doja Cat Tweets viral video

Rapper Doja Cat took her fans by absolute surprise when she took to Twitter to announce that she is quitting music.

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The incident happened after she was trolled for not taking ownership and apologizing to her fans who waited for her performance in Paraguay during the Asunciónico Festival where she was a headliner at the show. The show was canceled due to too many people at the concert grounds.

doja cat twitter video