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George Stinney Jr Black American child

14-years old: Youngest person to be executed by electrocution in America -innocent young boy: George Junnius Stinney, Jr.Photos from short film “83 Days” depicting the story and execution of George Stinney, Jr.

Photos from short film “83 Days” depicting the story and execution of George Stinney, Jr. February 6, 2021 Updated:June 9,2021Betty June Bannister, 11, and Mary Emma Thames, 7, were two white girls who rode their bike on March 11, 1944 looking for flowers in Alcolu, South Carolina.

George Stinney Jr. was a 14 yr Black American child

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While on their journey, it is reported that the two girls stopped at two different locations to find more flowers. One location was rumored to be a prominent white family home and the other allegedly confirmed being the home where George Junnius Stinney, Jr. 14, and his family lived. He was born in Pinewood, SC.

Once the law enforcement of Clarendon County learned that the two girls spoke with Stinnett, Jr. that day, as told by a witness, they quickly went to place him in handcuffs for interrogation.

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The death conclusion by Bogard is that the two girls likely died from wounds caused by a “round instrument about the size of the head hammer.”Bannister had at least seven blows to the back if her head which resulted in her skull being crushed.

It was noted on the record of death that the back of her skull was “nothing but a mass of crushed bones.”Thames had a hole that went straight through her forehead and into her skull. She also had a two-inch-long cut above her right eyebrow.

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George Stinney Junior was only 14 years old when a South Carolina court sentenced him to death. Executed on this day, 16 June, in 1944, the African American boy was the youngest person to be put to death by the US state last century. Watch full video

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