The unverified footage, which has recently gone viral on TikTok, has been making its rounds across several prominent Chinese media outlets, which claim that the footage was shot by one of the guests. The incident, which occurred in China back in 2019, has been shared widely online with audiences praising the groom for publicly calling out his bride.

Groom Plays video of Cheating Wife Video

The video first gained widespread attention in 2019, but it has now seen the second wave of popularity after being posted on TikTok, where it has received thousands of views and comments.

Guests In Shock As Cheating Bride Exposed

In the video, the traditional wedding march can be heard playing in the background as a smiling bride and groom walk onto the stage in front of several giant video screens in a hall that is packed with guests.

The audience responds to the announcer’s request to applaud the pair by doing so multiple times. After a few moments have passed, the video screen starts presenting black and white footage that was taken inside of a bedroom.

Dami and desiree Leaked video

Social Media Reaction To The Video

On social media, many users applauded the man’s dramatic move. Several wondered why he had gone through with the wedding.

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Some questioned the groom’s consideration of the family. “Did the pregnant sister deserve to find out in front her entire family like that though?” asked a Twitter user.

Others found practicality in the gesture. “Cameraman at the reception captured it, at least the parents got their money’s worth with photography,” said one user. “I mean it is a beautiful reception tho,” said another. “Money well wasted.”