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Sixty seconds of unguarded passion: The excruciating minute-long CCTV footage of Matt Hancock and his married aide is revealed in full as he fights to keep his job The excruciating minute-long CCTV video of Matt Hancock passionately kissing his married aide has been revealed in full.

Matt Hancock full Video

Footage allegedly taken on May 6 captures the Health Secretary opening the door a crack and appearing to check whether the coast is clear before making his move on the millionaire lobbyist.

Gina Coladangelo, 43, walks towards married Mr Hancock, who backs up against the door of his Whitehall office as the pair become immersed in a heated embrace.

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The video, released by The Sun, comes as Mr Hancock fights for his political life, with Labour and the Liberal Democrats branding him a ‘hypocrite’ who should be fired for kissing a lover and ignoring his own ‘hands, face and space’ mantra.

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Towards the start of the clip, the Health Secretary appears to lean on the door before snogging Ms Coladangelo, placing one hand behind her head and moving the other towards her bottom. The aide reaches out her hand to Mr Hancock’s cheek as he tilts forward and the pair briefly break away, smiling towards each other.

They then resume their passionate kiss while Mr Hancock buries his face in her neck and she moves both hands up to his shoulders.

Matt Hancock Video leaked Twitter – Matt Hancock full Video