Mike Birbiglia video twitter – mike birbiglia full video

Mike Birbiglia video twitter

This is Birbiglia’s comedy style, whether it be on his Netflix specials or while appearing on This American Life. Instead of jumping from subject to subject, with segways to link each bit together, Birbiglia decides to follow a cross between Joseph Campbell’s hero’s journey theory and Dave Chappelle’s insight. He does not use any extreme ideas or absurdist routines.

Mike Birbiglia is a comic that stands apart. Sometimes crass, always thoughtful and sweet, he’s comedy’s #1 Wife Guy, and I’m happy to report it’s not just because he’s constantly jabbing at Jenny, his wife, in his specials.

mike birbiglia full video

In Mike Birbiglia’s 2013 special My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend, Birbiglia basically tells only one joke: the story of how he got married to his current wife.

Sure, there are many small sub-jokes, and every so often he decides to go a bit off-topic to provide backstory, but everything is focused on how he and his girlfriend eventually decided to tie the knot.

Mike Birbiglia video twitter – mike birbiglia full video

As a matter of fact, she’s a starring character in his best work. Mike’s a bit of a favorite of mine because he feels like a storyteller first and a comic second, though that isn’t to say he’s not as funny as he is good at spinning a yarn.

Comedians are storytellers by nature and have to be pretty damn good ones to stay in the business, which makes the way this story winds up revolving around this couch touch and impress me.

Mike Birbiglia details video

This one I beat myself up for not seeing live, because I was actually a fan of Birbiglia’s when it was performing just a train ride away. The New One marks a return to the more intimate storytelling of Mike’s best work (more on that in a bit) and brings the focus back to his relationship with his wife.

Birbiglia says he crosses when he makes a Muppets heroin joke. Others (like Birbiglia, in my opinion) are well aware of the line, flirt with it in order to give comedy the bite it needs, but also avoids steering too far over the line and alienating an audience.

This special is as straightforward as they come, especially when it comes to Mike Birbiglia’s work. It’s sort of early days for him and you can tell. His delivery isn’t what it settles into in his later work, and it kind of ends before it really gets off the ground.

Mike Birbiglia video twitter – mike birbiglia full video