Naagin 6 8th March 2022 written update full episode: RIYA REVANGE MYSTERY: Naagin 6 is coming up this season with the concept of the epidemic. He is going to take an act of revenge from the family who is involved in spreading the deadliest disease in the country. So she is going to be getting married to eh son in this family. With her plans to be stey here and get to keno the truth how they are included in spreading pandemic among the country. As they are quisling with the country, So Naagin is complete against fo it and she decided to take strong action against them.

Naagin 6

In the previous episode, we have been seen that Pratha unveiled her reality in front of her father-in-law. And she killed him too. After this she some whole mange tp be reached at home as there was her wedding. Well, Paratha is now and her next target is to kill others too these are the Quisling from the country. While Pratahe is sitting in the Mandap he has faced issues as her reals face is revealing gradually so she was trying to hide her face. But there are fast winds created by Mahek and this is how she saves Pratha.

So in tonight’s episode, you guys will be going to witness the biggest twist in the story. And you all will gonna be see a new entry n this show and after this Pratha’s life is actually going to be so and challenging too. But she will be seen actively giving her best to life. So they are married now, but Pratah is still confused and she is wondering why he married her as he used to doubt her. So she will be seen trying to bring out the truth but this will gonna take time. On the other side, her husband is also indulged in the same.

They are not known each other so well about what they will going to fall each other in the upcoming episode. In tonight’s episode, we will also be going to see that Praths is in her real face so she is trying to hide her face from her husband. ‘ But she is trying to keep herself calm as she is in trouble and afraid of revealing her real face. For more written updates don’t forget to follow us, also watch the full episode on the colors tv channel.