Princess of Africa Leaked video James Brown s3xtape on telegram. Two years ago, I got a call from a woman singing in a circus. She said she could prove James Brown was murdered. I met her on a hot day near Chicago, where the circus tent was set up and the elephants were eating hay.

Princess of Africa Leaked video James Brown s3xtape on telegram

The singer’s name is Jacqueline Holland. She is 61 years old. She lives in an RV with two cats and a Chihuahua named Pickles. Princess of Africa has long blond hair and a pack of Marlboros. She said she was not crazy or lying and she wanted me to write her story because it might save her life.

Or maybe it will kill her. That’s also a possibility, she said. Bad things happened to the people who clashed with the James Brown organization. “I’m sure you know that Adrian Brown is a good friend of mine,” she said, referring to James Brown’s third wife. “It’s a long story if I tell you. She was murdered, without a doubt.”

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We got in my car and drove to Panera for lunch. Jacques’ story expands, deepens, and becomes more and more unfamiliar. New characters appear and disappear, and disaster ensues. Some people were shot. Some people are maimed or killed in car accidents. Some appeared to have died of natural causes, but Jacques believed they were poisoned. She has questions about the deaths of at least nine people, all of whom were somehow connected to the Godfather of Souls.

I wonder how a woman at Carson Barnes Circus became an authority on James Brown’s secret history. She tried to explain. The story has many twists and turns, but it always goes back to one day in 1988, when she got into James Brown’s converted truck and drove into the woods.