Revenue Document Leaks from Kim Kardashian and Ray J’s Popular Video. The proceeded discussion encompasses the se*x tape including Kim Kardashian and Beam J. As of latereports that appear to detail how much cash the video at first brought in for the two entertainers have come to light.

Revenue Document Leaks from Kim Kardashian and Ray J’s Popular Video

The company that made the commercially accessible se*x tape titled Kim Kardashian, Whiz in Walk 2007—Vivid Entertainment—and distributed it on Tuesday (September 13)—TMZ—exclusively distributed emails they gotten from Steven Hirsch, CEO of Distinctive Amusement.

Concurring to the spreadsheet within the e-mail dated May 7, 2007, the tape brought in $1,424,636.63 in income, with the DVD deals bookkeeping for the lion’s share, or $1,255,578.50.

Beam J and the Kardashian/Jenner camp have been at chances over who spilled the notorious se*x tape for a long time.

By taking a polygraph examination on the Late Late Appear with James Corden, Kris Jenner as of late endeavored to disperse rumors that she is the one who spilled the tape and convinced Kim to discharge it.

When inquired on the off chance that she made a difference put the tape out amid the occurrence, the 66-year-old mother was found to be telling the truth by reacting, “No,” agreeing to the polygraph examiner.

Beam J got to be perturbed over this on social media and undermined to out Jenner for depicting him negatively. He commented in an Instagram video, “I don’t know what the f**k you think typically , but you’ve got f#ck*d with the wrong person, period.

“You f#cked the off-base Dark man, man. I was basically aiming to handle this circumstance legitimatelyredress, and basically hit you in court in arrange to induce what I merited due to all of you being discourteous and endeavouring to ruin me and make me show up awful after you know what’s going on.

I’m having everything I have sent to them in an hour. Today, Kris, we are going through the receipts. This evening, Kim, we’re going through the receipts.”