Rylan Clark resorts to OnlyFans, leaked videos and photos on twitter. Rylan Clark’s second autobiographical book TEN: The Decade that Changed My Future is set to come out on September 29. However, the radio presenter has come up with some creative methods to promote his new book.

Rylan Clark OnlyFans leaked videos and photos on twitter

He recently complained on social media that there was ‘no hope’ of selling his book alongside other popular releases. He even took a grumpy selfie and captioned it ‘Mehhhhhh,’ along with an Instagram post highlighting his complaint.

Rylan joked, “If you want to help a one-time best-selling author who is now at position 68 in the charts, you can pre-order his new album Tenner for just $10.” Additionally, he mentioned that fans could “pre-order #RylanTen now.”

Rylan’s fans and celebrity acquaintances replied to his tweet quickly. Natalie Cassidy, who plays Sonia in EastEnders, wrote: “Babe there’s still a chance.” Other followers encouraged Rylan to stay positive and assured him that he could win the votes. One follower even commented that they’d rather read Rylan’s tweets than any others.

Rylan’s book sold out the same day it was released. Several fans expressed their support for him, saying things like, “Always No1 in my eyes” and “Rylan you are bloody fab.” Others said, “I can’t wait to read it,” and “Doesn’t matter who is releasing a book at the same time we love you Rylan.”

The former X Factor star posted a video to his Instagram story claiming he was thinking about the book and all the effort that went into it.

Then he said, “I thought f*** this, I’m having a kebab.” In the video, he was filmed lying shirtless at his Essex home. By posting this video, the singer hoped to increase pre-orders for his book.

Rylan told the audience that he considered creating an OnlyF account. He joked that he had already joined the site by uploading a picture of Judi Dench, declaring “then I thought I’ll have Judi Dench on the telly.” After making this quip, a link appeared on screen telling viewers that Rylan had joined OnlyF.

His new book can be preordered on Amazon by clicking a link on his website. He directed fans to the link by pointing out its presence at the top of the screen. However, this was just a sly way of getting people to order the book; no matter what they clicked, they would end up on Amazon’s ordering page.