Samurai Crab Video Viral On Reddit, The Crab With A Human Face: The Samurai’s Crab When Reddit news and photos were first displayed, they generated quite a stir. The expressions on the faces have unspoken historical importance. The Samurai Crab is a type of Japanese crab that has a human-like pattern on its shell. It’s thought to be a vengeful samurai’s face. According to The Tale of the Heike, these crabs are reincarnations of the Heike warriors who were defeated at the Battle of Dan-no-Ura. The crabs are edible, although the Japanese do not eat them.

Samurai Crab Video On Reddit

The Samurai’s Crab The film that was posted after the Reddit announcement explained Samurai Crab. The story takes place around 1185, in a small harbor called Dan-no-ura. On one side, Japan’s imperial rulers, the Heike clan, and on the other, upstarts vying for control of the crown, the Minamoto. Japan’s entire power was on the line.


After a half-day of fighting, the Heike were defeated, and their 6-year-old emperor drowned to escape Minamoto’s clutches. Minamoto Yoritomo went on to become Japan’s first Shogun or military ruler. Following the conflict, a strange anecdote appeared. According to local mythology, crabs in the area have strange markings on their shells that resemble samurai masks. The crabs were believed to be reincarnations of samurai who were killed in battle. As a result, the Japanese refuse to ingest it.

Amazing Fact: The Crab With A Human Face, Heikegani

The crabs have the appearance of samurai masks. In his show Cosmos, Carl Sagan hypothesized that the resemblance was the result of deliberate selection. Crabs wearing samurai masks were eaten, while those without were thrown back. As a result, the populace was compelled to fashion shells that resembled masks. While it appears to be a good idea that fits the general pattern of how selection pressures work, it has one flaw: no one eats Heikegani.

Furthermore, crabs with similar shell designs can be found across Japan’s harbor, not just in that small area. Similar patterns can be found in other crab species, however, they are less obvious. Carl Sagan, an American astronomer, and novelist, once theorized that the resemblance was the result of artificial selection. As a token of respect for the murdered Heike tribe, Sagan advised fishermen fishing in Japan’s waters to return any crabs with shells resembling a samurai’s face.