Sehar Hayat vs Kashee Saloon Video: Sehar Hayat is one of the popular Pakistani social media influencers who has been popular on her preferred platform after sharing a video where she is telling her experience at Kashee’s Salon. According to a video posted on the internet by Sehar, she had a bad experience at the same salon.  In this article, we will find out what she went through at the salon and why she’s getting so much attention.

Sehar Hayat vs Kashee Saloon Video

Sehar Hayat vs Kashee CCTV Saloon Video

Let us tell you that Kashee’s Salon is run by Kashif Aslam, who is widely regarded as Pakistan’s best makeup artist along she has a huge number of followers on social media. After the video got viral the salon become more popular and people are curious to know more about the saloon.

However, there are multiple locations of this salon around the country, all of which have been operating under the name Kashee’s Salon in various Pakistani cities. According to public perceptions of this parlor, a great number of girls prefer to come here for makeovers for weddings and parties since the staff is so skilled at styling that no one can easily recognize the person.

Seher took over her social media account after visiting Kashee’s Salon to express her horrible experience with her fans and followers that she had there. As per the video, Kashee’s salon invited her numerous times to her saloon, and when she eventually consented to visit the salon and arrived to take advantage of the service, she was kept waiting for hours. Even the salon personnel did not treat her with respect and were disrespectful to her. People are already supporting her on social media and attacking Kashee’s Salon employees.

Kashif, the salon’s owner, recently opened a new store in Lahore. For the inaugural, Kashif invited several Pakistani celebrities for the event. Meanwhile, Seher Hayat was one of the notable personalities invited to the ceremony, but she had no idea that she would be involved in an awful occurrence at the salon. Kashee’s Salon employees allegedly mistreated Seher Hayat at the salon, according to sources.