Sonu Gowda leaked video on twitter and reddit – Photos on telegram. Bigg Boss OTT Kannada’s first season got off to a rough start, with contestants bickering. Sonu Gowda asks her why Sporty always laughs when she talks and asks her to speak directly to her. Sonu Gowda said she didn’t like someone laughing behind her back. This led to a quarrel between the two. Later, Rakesh Adiga and Akshata Kuki struggled to finish Sonu and Spoorthy.

Sonu Gowda leaked video on twitter and reddit – Photos on telegram

The show has only been on the air for a few days, but as the players make a big farce indoors, the entertainment value also increases.

Unfortunately, the rift between the two seems to have widened the rift between Spoorthy Gowda and Sonu Gowda. Sonu even called Spoorthy “Dove Rani,” which angered the latter and led to a bitter fight.

Coincidentally, Sposhi was seen laughing, although the conversation between Sonu and Rakesh was not funny, which upset Sonu. Sonu argues that Spoothy should come to her when she has a problem, not discuss with Rakesh and Akshata behind their backs.

However, Spoorthy said, “I will remain the same, I will not change”. On the other hand, Rakesh tries to make Sonu understand that Sporthy is smiling at him, not really at Sonu. However, Sonu doesn’t believe the answer.

Sonu also expressed her dissatisfaction that no one understood her feelings at Bigg Boss’s house. Bigg Boss Kannada OTT viewers think Sonu drags Rakesh unnecessarily every time he gets into a fight with Spoorthy, making things worse.

Eventually, she broke down to prove her point. It is worth mentioning that Sonu already has a bad relationship with Uday Surya, Arjun Ramesh and Aryavardhan. Somanna also said that Sonu didn’t know how to talk to people respectfully.

As we all know, Sonu Gowda is the first week of the nomination list for Bigg Boss OTT Kannada. Whether she’ll be kicked out of the apartment for her bad relationship with her roommate, or if she’ll survive, remains to be seen.

The House of Bigg Boss OTT Kannada currently has 16 entrants. Bigg Boss treats Nandini-Jaswanth as a single entry.