The Kapil Sharma Show, 6th March 2022, Written Update: Ravi Kishann and Aamra Pali on TKSS

The Kapil Sharma Show, 6th March 2022, Written Update: Ravi Kishan and Aamra Pali on TKSS: The Kapil Sharma Show is the best comedian reality show which has been giving its best to it. This kind of show is so Ndebele in the television world as these days there is so much frustration in the pipelined their life is so busy these days and they don’t get time to give to them sleeves which is so mandatory and necessary also. And these kinds of shows are making things too easy for us and even helping us to remove our stress and frustration as this is filled with a list of hilarious sequences and fun.

In tonight’s episode, we will be going to meet the star cast of the Bhojpuri film @ravikishann @dineshlalyadav @ranichatterjeeofficial, and @aamrapali1101. The cast of the show is going o be make you all laugh out loud. First, you will be going to see that Kapil welcomes the guests with his warm words, and they all will be feeling so happy to be on the show. They entered at their song as they are here for the promotion of the new and upcoming film.

Krishna will be seen in the girl’s costume and he has been te the steg on fire with his jokes and hilarious sequences. Krishna enters on the theme song of the film and he dances so well with the main lead of the film, after which he asked him, “Can we change the space for the samples of the RTPCR test as it creates so irritation through the nose and mouth.” This creates laughter on the show and everyone takes it in double mean which is so obvious to be laughed at.

Kapil asks Nirahua, “whether there is space in his Rickshaw for us also or not.” Then everyone use to laugh out loud at this and he replies to Kapil, “Ravi Bhai always use to tell me that she will call you but be a strong man and don’t respond, but things are opposite with me, I want to go but she ever calls me.”

Then Kapil turns to Rav and asks him to give the same speech again which he gave in UP about the death. After which there will be a burst of huge laughter at the stage. Then there will be the entry of Chandan Prabhakar and Kiku Sharda, they took the environment at their hand. And the episode will be going to end here only.