Twitter krosno Film leaked

Twitter krosno Film Leaked | Chlopaki Z krosna Menel video | Krosno Video cale

Social media users are excited about a particular movie from Krosno. The video shows a group of teenagers allegedly engaging in oral sex with a homeless person in exchange for alcohol. Internet users say that boys go to the first year of high school.

According to article 202 of the Criminal Code: “Whoever produces, distributes, presents, stores or possesses pornographic content presenting a created or processed image of a minor participating in the sexual activity shall be subject to a fine, imprisonment or imprisonment for up to 2 years.

Twitter krosno Film Chlopaki Z krosna viral

We will explain everything if you do not know why Krosno suddenly became popular on the Internet. On Saturday, September 17, Spotted Krosno ‘s Facebook profile published an entry in which we learned that four young boys “decided to help a homeless person meet their needs” in exchange for alcohol. The situation was supposed to occur “under the bridge in Krosno”.

Some Internet users claim that the teenagers in the video are attending their first high school year. If this is true, they are 14-15 years old and underage. This means that sharing a movie with boys from Krosno is the distribution of child pornography in light of the law.

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Twitter krosno Film leaked