Umit Ozdag Soros Cocugu Ne Demek Umit Ozdag Net With The PKK

Umit Ozdag Soros Cocugu Ne Demek Umit Ozdag Net With The PKK: Chairman Umit Ozdag has come into the headlines. Many were talking about him and started a discussion about what he had done right or what he did wrong. Everybody was featuring him on their site. He recently attempted a racist provocation to confuse Turkey has been documented. It was revealed that Ozdag met with the PKK in the USA in 1997 and hosted PKK representatives in his office in Turkey in 2002. Follow More Update On

There are so many allegations that have been put against him where it says he was involved in some crime and has links with some terrorists.  The true face of Umit Ozdag who has been brainwashing the nationalist Turkish youth with his populist rhetoric by claiming to be Turkish and who wants to lay the groundwork for the terrorist state-planned which can be established in northern Syria by causing street events in Turkey.

Many people also predict that he was in touch with some big terrorist who was going to plan something big and make a big disaster for the country. He meets with the PKK terrorist organization executives in America where he has seen a meeting with a bunch of people talking about a serious matter. This happened in the year 1997 when an insider tells the media.

If he saw more times with the terrorist than he has probably seen in jail. Because the cops are very strict if someone’s relations were with the terrorists. Ozdag insistently repeats some allegations even though he knows that the posts he has made on his social media accounts lately are false.

On his social media, he was posting some short clips and images where he was showing his audience that he was making relations with some terrorists. We don’t know why he was showing his pictures openly in the public. From this aspect, we only see that he intentionally aware the police that he indulged in bad activities. And you can’t do anything with me. You just see it and just watch it.

Many of his admirers were estimating this. Talking about his family details, we don’t know anything about his family. As he kept his family details in private. He doesn’t want to share his personal details with anyone. We have only this much information if something would come then we definitely inform you. Until then follow this site.

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