Video of Actress Kemi Apesin Hook Up Client to Nab Online Troll Who Bashed Her

WATCH: Video of Actress Kemi Apesin Hook Up Client to Nab Online Troll Who Bashed Her: Kemi Apesin aka Kemity is a popular Nollywood actress who is currently hitting the internet after she dealt with an online troll. Yes, you read it right, recently, the actress acts like a hook-up client to nab only troll to her location and she captured the exchange online.  Kemi is one of the most famous and renowned actresses, who has a massive fan following online. She has become a topic of discussion since she dealt with an online troll and released a video of the whole scenario. In this article, we are going to provide you with all information about the actress Kemi Aespin.

Who Is Actress Kemi Apesin?

According to the reports, Nigerian actress Kemi Apesin has recently dealt with an online troll and the entire exchange was captured in a video that is now making rounds on the internet. Yes, a video has been trending at this time on social media platforms. In the video, the troll who is said to be a young lady was spotted visibly shaking as the actress challenged her over her online remarks. The video has gone viral on the internet and has been watched by many.

Actress Kemi Apesin Viral Video Explained

The actress revealed in the video that the troll was lured after she thought she was going for a hookup deal, unknown to her that it was a plan used to catch her. Kemi also noticed that the troll accused her of moving to Dubai to go and sleep with men ahead of adding that the film star and her partner would soon split. The troll who has lost her confidence completely noticed that she said sorry after sharing the comment and that she had removed it.

The actress Kemi Apesin later asked her why she posted the comment in the first place. The actress then moved to demand that the troll return the fare of the cab she had used to come to her location. The young lady then continued to apologize in the video. Since the video went viral, many social media users have been sharing their reactions, of which some are against the actress while some are supporting her. Some users said that the action of the actress was unnecessary. Stay connected with us for more updates.