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Video viral of Joe Mixon punching woman

Video of an Oklahoma University football star punching a woman in the face inside a Norman, Oklahoma, the restaurant has finally been made public. It’s been over two years since OU running back

Joe Mixon was suspended for punching Amelia Molitor in a restaurant on Campus Corner.Molitor suffered several broken bones in her face, and Mixon entered an Alford plea to the assault charges, according source.

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Video of Joe Mixon punching woman released

An Alford plea allows a defendant to maintain innocence while acknowledging that the prosecution would likely win a conviction if the case went to trial. Earlier this month, the Oklahoma Supreme Court ruled the video was a public record and should be released to the media.

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The video had been the subject of a battle between the Oklahoma Association of Broadcasters and the City of Norman. A video that shows Oklahoma running back Joe Mixon punching a woman two years ago has been released.

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Video of Joe Mixon punching woman released