Wait In The Truck Video

Wait In The Truck Video

The Video For “Wait In The Truck” From HARDY and Lainey Wilson Is Here This song and this video is a hard story to swallow. Hardy and Lainey Wilson tell it very well.

Country music has always been about telling you a story rather you agreed with it or not. This video paints the picture of how life is a bitch and doing the right thing will change your life forever.

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The video opens with HARDY in prison, walking up to a visitor where he picks up the phone to speak to them and begins telling them a story of when he was driving in a town he wasn’t familiar with in the middle of the night.

He came across a woman (Lainey Wilson) walking down the street who had bruises and marks all over her face and body. He knew immediately that she was a victim of domestic violence. He asked her where to find the person who did this to her and he drove them to the man’s house.

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HARDY took out a gun and told Lainey, “Wait in the truck.” HARDY & Lainey Wilson Release Powerful Music Video For Domestic Violence Song “Wait In The Truck.

Wait In The Truck Video