WATCH: Alhaja Kaola Video Viral On Twitter, Reddit, YouTube, Leave Instagram Scandalized

WATCH: Alhaja Kaola Video Viral On Twitter, Reddit, YouTube, Leave Instagram Scandalized: A scandal video became popular on the internet. The video was Alhaja Kaola. This video will stun you once you watched the full video. Alhaji Kafilat Kaola leaked video is trending on Twitter, Reddit, and Youtube platforms. In the video, you will see that she and some other people do some wrong things and talked about a controversial topic which she catches much attention especially, the police. Sometimes, her scandal came out in the video and many users on the internet showed some interest in the video to watch Alhaja Kaola Viral Video Online. Follow More Update On

Allhaja Kafilat Rufai Leaked Video & Photos

Alhaja Kaola Video Scandal

Allhaja Kafilat Rufai who was a popular Radio presenter has revealed that her husband Sharafa forces her to click the nuder photos of me and upload them on the internet. Every night when he came back to the office, he only asks one thing me and that is what’s about your nude photos. When he was in office, he dropped me a text message which says I want your photos. He ruined my life.  I was very upset about his bad behavior and his bad attitude. Somehow, I handle it but never gave my nude photos to him. Because I know the results.

Alhaja Kaola Video Explained

Besides this, she hosts a popular Islamic program named Albayan with Alhaja Kaola. Also, she is the founder of Kaola Communications and Kaola Travel and Tours, both platforms are well known and very famous.

Who is Allhaja Kaola?

Official says that Allhaja Kaola is accused of kidnapping her sister’s husband, whose name is Maryam Rufai. He was the broadcaster in a very reputed company. He replies to this statement that the allegations which you are imposing on me are all fake and totally wrong.

You need to cross-check it before saying. He said in an attitude. Your Soul’s Survival following her public spat with her ex-boyfriend, Saheed Shittu and Yahya Gambari mocked Alhaja Kaola in their usual way. Alhaja Kaola replies, that I extend my greetings to my junior brother Saheed Shittu, Save Your Soul too. Saheed had pounced on me so hard the day before Tuesday, February 23. He was great for slamming people.

Whenever he sees a weaker person or sees a person who was weaker than him then he started to taunt him and make fun of him. Without ignoring the fact that, the person whom he tries to downgrade also insults him very badly.

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