WATCH: Barbi Opitz Barátja Home Video Goes Viral On Social Media

Barbi Opitz Barátja Home Video: Currently, X-Factor 2016 fame singer named Barbi Opitz is hitting the headlines of the news channels since one of her sensual videos with her ex-boyfriend surfaced on the internet. According to the source, a video is making huge rounds on social media and showing the singer posing without clothes or n*de in the video.

WATCH: Barbi Opitz Barátja Home Video Goes Viral On Social Media

This is the reason singer Barbi Opitz’s name is in every news headline right now. But do you have any idea or knowledge of who leaked her obscene video on the internet? This is quite interesting to know. But you have to follow the further given sections of this article in which we have explained and described how it happened and what the singer said about her leaked video. Kindly drag down the page for more information and details on this matter.

Barbi Opitz Barátja Home Video

The singer said that a private video of mine recently surfaced on the internet that I sent confidentially to my ex-boyfriend in the past because I used to love him at that time. But he did not value my love and feelings and shared the video online. She also said that due to him she has lost faith in people and she wanted to acquire people’s attention who trust her and who believe in her. Let’s take a look below for more details and information.

As of now, no report has come out regarding the police report of the singer against her ex-boyfriend for leaking her n*de video on the internet without her consent. But Barbi Opitz could pull him to the courtroom for his deeds. However, we are yet to get any report about their police case. This case became a highlight case due to the popularity of the singer. Learn what singer Barbi Opitz further said about her ongoing viral video on Reddit and Telegram. Scroll down the page for more details.

Barbi Opitz said that this kind of incident never happened before also when she was in a relationship with her boyfriend. But the man who leaked that video probably did not think at least once before ruining her image. Users who are keen to watch her leaked video should open their Reddit accounts and search for Barbi Opitz’s leaked video there. We will replace you with the updated information as something comes up related to the same.