WATCH: Galik Balint Bird Video Leaked On Twitter and Reddit Leave Instagram and YouTube Scandalized

WATCH: Galik Balint Bird Video Leaked On Twitter and Reddit Leave Instagram and YouTube Scandalized: Nowadays social media has become a hub to spread any kind of vulgar things. But they got removed instantly. After uploading it. The same thing happened with the famous TikToker whose name is Galik Balint Madar. Galik posted a nasty video on Twitter which they immediately takedown. After the takedown of the video, Twitter reported that no one has any right to post nasty things on this platform. If anybody was posting it then their whole account was a takedown.

Galik Balint Bird Video Leaked On Twitter

In the video, the famous Tik Toker whose name is Galik Balint Madar is seen masturbating with one hand while holding a bird in the other. Finally, he sprayed on the bird. His video was getting viral on many platforms and he became a hotter topic on the internet. Many TV news channels have featured him and people were not interested in him. They are interested in the video. They want to see the whole video. The video became controversial content. An internet influencer who was a bird lover replied to the video that whatever he has done it was very wrong and we wanted to see him in jail. He has no right to live on this planet. The Twitter ID was Hunhungry tea.

Galik Balint Bird Video Twitter Explained

Having more than 800 million active users on Twitter. The platform became a big brand and established a place where people can’t ignore it. The platform became one of the world’s largest places to connect people from all over the world. Now, Twitter is known for the bluebird as its logo which you see all day when you open your app.

In 2006, Twitter was formed. The platform has come a long way both for the company as well as the brand. To make a big brand, they face difficulty in each and every step. The logo of Twitter did not become the first. It was a continuous modification, continuous improvements which people can recognize easily. The developers of Twitter came to the concept of the bird logo in 2010. But at that time, few people use it.

Hardly people use it. That was the early stage for Twitter to become a mass gain web media like today. The Twitter main supporter Biz Stone himself a Boston native and a Celtics fan chose the name. In 2012, Twitter got massive success. After 6 years of waiting and struggles, they finally got success. And now they are generating a very handsome amount in terms of revenues.