WATCH: Sehar Hayyat vs Kashee Saloon Video Goes Viral On YouTube and Instagram: Sehar Hayat is a social media influencer from Pakistan who is currently trending on her most favorable platform since she shared a video of her experience at Kashee’s Salon. According to the video that was shared by Sehar herself on the digital platform she had an unfortunate experience at the aforementioned salon. Let’s find out what she had faced at the salon and why she is being talked about so much by the people. Kidly follow the article till the end to learn this strange incident of famous Tiktok star, scroll down the page to explore this story in detail.

WATCH: Sehar Hayyat vs Kashee Saloon Video Goes Viral On YouTube and Instagram

Sehar Hayyat vs Kashee Saloon Video

First of all, we tell you that Kashee’s Salon is owned by Kashif Aslam who is believed to be the finest makeup artist in her country and is also a social media influencer, the aforementioned salon has now become a prominent salon of Pakistan. Regardless, there are several outlets of this salon throughout the country and all the outlets of this parlor have been running with the name of Kashee’s Salon in different cities of Pakistan. As per the public opinions on this parlor, girls on large scale want to visit this parlor to get the makeover for weddings and parties as this parlor’s staff is so proficient that they style in such a way that nobody can easily identify the person at a first look if he/she got ready from the parlor.

A few days ago the owner of this salon Kashif inaugurated a new outlet of her parlor in Lahore where many famous Pakistani celebrities were invited to the inauguration ceremony. Meanwhile, Seher Hayat was one of the famous celebrities who were invited to the ceremony but she did not know an unfortunate incident was about to happen with her at the salon. According to the reports, Kashee’s Salon staff mistreated Seher Hayat at the salon.

After making a visit to the Kashee’s Salon, Seher took over her social media account to share her terrible experience with her fans and followers that she was felt at the salon. According to her video, Kashee’s salon invited her multiple times, and when she finally agreed to visit the salon and she reached the salon to take benefit of the service she was kept waiting for hours. Even the salon staff members did not behave gently with her and treated her rudely. Now people are supporting her on social media and criticizing the staff members of Kashee’s Salon.