Who is Joshua dude Leaked Video – Watch Twitter Joshuadude1. Getting fame has become easy these days. You must be considering who is the individual that became mainstream. So today we are going to tell you about a newly trending online page named Joshuadude1.

Which has been searched by thousands of individuals on Google and Social media platforms especially on Twitter.

Who is Joshua dude – Watch Twitter Joshuadude1 Video:

On January 6, 2022, a meme appeared on Facebook which tells users that a video of a couple is available on Twitter doing inappropriate acts.

Individuals raced to Twitter to discover who the indicated Twitter client is and which video he shared on Twitter. Twitter handler, Joshua dude1, has became a web sensation after he posted the video.

The Twitter web page is getting well-known for posting an NSFW video. Read this post because we will explore who is @Joshuadude1 on Twitter, which video he has shared and why he is trending on Facebook.

The Joshua_dude_ Twitter video really make people curious that’s why these have been viewed by many users on the internet.

Joshua dude video on Facebook – Joshua Bassett:

The meme, which was an image of 12 monthly boxed calendar. However, the main twist is that the box of January is filled with a screenshot of an NSFW video.

Joshuadude1 Facebook Meme
Joshuadude1 Facebook Meme

The said meme was originally posted on Facebook by a user named “Michelle Demings” which can be seen below.

After getting viral this image was shared several times. meanwhile, a user named “Myia Yates” added the link to the “Joshuadude1 Twitter page”. So that her followers can view the video on Twitter.

Joshua_dude_1 Twitter Video:

The Official Joshua_dude_1 Twitter page is currently trending on Google because of the material he has posted on his Twitter handler. And people are reacting to the video posted on his Twitter page.

The Official Joshua_dude_1 Twitter page was created in recent days on August 2021. After sharing the video on Twitter, this account is getting more famous.

A couple can be seen in the video performing a personal act in the car. Joshuadude1 becomes a web sensation through social media, particularly Twitter. The video clip has been viewed by more than 40,000 users so far at the time of creating this post.

Joshuadude1 record title is,


Joshua dude1 record description is,

a weirdo but im real tho

He has posted 102 tweets on his Twitter account so far. The Twitter web page has 346 followers as of now. He has followed 45 accounts.

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Watch Original Joshua_dude1 Twitter:

After watching the private video many users were disappointed to see the clip and regret their decision of rushing from Facebook to Twitter. Because of their curiosity that arose from the viral meme.

You may watch the original Joshua video by Following This Link. (Warning: NSFW content)

Twitter users Responses to the Joshua_dude_ Video:

One user wrote,

This what we got pulled away from fb for?

Another user said,

this is why we don’t let Facebook determine the agenda

The third one said,

I know I ain’t leave Facebook to watch this mess

So it’s established. We’re all here from FB, another said