Who is model Destiny Jimenez – Destiny Jimenez full viral Video on twitter
Destiny Jimenez’s viral

Who is model Destiny Jimenez

Who is model Destiny Jimenez – Destiny Jimenez full viral Video on twitter. A 22-year-old woman was detained in San Antonio after she fatally stabbed her boyfriend, and she eventually did so as a result of an altercation between the two.

Although the cause of the fight is unknown, many people have speculated that the couple had a significant argument over adul***t content.

This is supported by a police report that suggests the couple was having a conflict that resulted in violence. The San Antonio police department, which is in charge of the case at the moment, has stated that the woman was detained after officers responded to a report of a man being stabbed and went to the scene.

Destiny Jimenez’s full Video on twitter

woman who allegedly stabbed her boyfriend was detained on Wednesday following a heated argument. Although the victim’s identity has not yet been made public, Destiny Nicole Jimenez, 22, was named as the woman who allegedly stabbed her boyfriend and was reported to have been arrested.

The woman has been detained by the police, who are looking into the incident to find out what really happened and why such a brutal stabbing occurred. The incident took place not far from the 1604 loop, close to the 5000 block of Wiseman Boulevard, in an apartment.

Destiny Jimenez’s full Viral

When the victim and Destiny got into a fight, Destiny shut the door, blocking the victim’s boyfriend from entering, and the incident happened around 1:50 am on Wednesday.

She even opened the door and let him in after a while. After a particularly heated argument, Destiny grabbed a kitchen knife in a fit of rage and stabbed her boyfriend three times—once in the chest, once on the forearm, and once in the back.

In pain and fear, Destiny’s boyfriend fled the house while bleeding, calling the police for assistance.

Destiny Jimenez’s full Viral Video