A very interesting story is catching the eyes of online users as a 29-year-old only fans model is claiming that she has the biggest buttock in the world and she has spent almost 100 thousand Dollars on various cosmetic surgeries and operations to get that physique.

Who Is Natasha Crown Video & Pics Leaked On Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, Onlyf Model Private Scandal!

In the latest video where she is having a hard time sitting on a chair and she is proud of herself. She recently opted for the 6th butt lift and the surgery was a success she had already performed five Brazilian butt lifts.

Natasha Crown Leaked Video & Pics

Natasha Crown Leaked Video & Pics

And she cannot fit her butt into a chair anymore. Natasha Crown who is currently 29 years old and living in Sweden is gathering a lot of attention for her appearance she has posted hundreds of explicit images for millions of dollars through them and she is looking different after each surgery. She is also available on YouTube and she recently gave an interview and expressed that she was really happy after doing all these surgeries and the connection and relationship were really toxic.

Who is Natasha Crown?

and she opted to be single and the relationship was almost 7 years long and now she has a great body and personality. She has millions of fans on Instagram and she has been doing Modelling and photoshoots for over a long time she is a Metropolitan girl but she used to live in a really small town. She was only 20 years old when she performed at first surgery and her family was concerned about her and they always denied the procedures she had her 4th treatment in September 2018.

Natasha Crown – Instagram, Age & Boyfriend

and she had a Desire of more than 90 inches and now she holds an amazing world record. She has been eating a lot of Pizza pasta and a new teller every day and she has been accumulating a lot of fat for the and it is amazing to see that such people exist and they can do anything to become a famous personality even if it is Deadly for them. If the surgery does not go well then there may be health complications and many the celebrities have also claimed that they now have some issues with their previous surgeries and now they are undoing them.