Zartaj Gul Leaked Private Scandal MMS Video Twitter Telegram Reddit Link: The Pakistan Tehrek-E-Insaf is one of the world’s largest political parties. In the year 1996, a Pakistani former sports figure and current prime minister founded the party. However, this time the political organization is catching the attention of the audience not because of any of the party’s successes, but because of one of its leaders named Zartaj Gul. She rose to prominence after netizens began alleging she appeared in one of the films circulating on social media. More information on Zartaj Gul Leaked may be found on Twitter and Reddit.

Zartaj Gul Leaked Private Scandal MMS Video Explained

According to the most recent update, several of the most influential people reported that Zartaj Gul appeared in a video that was recently circulated on major media outlets. So far, we have learned that this is not the first time the minister has been embroiled in controversy. Another girl is now garnering headlines after being featured in a video. The viral video has gone viral because Zartaj Gul is a well-known personality in the country and a prominent member of the political party ITC.

The majority of people are flocking to watch the film, however, it is unclear what kind of content it contains. Although it is unclear whether the celebrity is included in the video or if she has been framed to undermine her party’s status, the minister has a slew of detractors. Another reason why individuals are perplexed is that some are even revisiting the entire case. However, MMS allegations showing a person resembling the minister are trending and being shared from one device to another.

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Zartaj Gul even addressed the issue on her own, claiming that the ongoing viral MMS was fabricated in order to damage her reputation. The minister’s recent statement acknowledged that the video that went viral was manipulated by those opposed to her in order to tarnish her image in the country.

As previously said, this is not the first time such an incident has occurred with a Pakistani leader. Prior to this, another scandal harmed Muhammad Zubair’s reputation. The case drew a lot of attention at the time, and law enforcement is now looking into it. Keep an eye on Social Telecast for further information and the most recent changes.