Bigg Boss Non Stop Elimination 8th Week Online Voting Results: Final Vote Results Revealed!

Bigg Boss Non Stop Elimination 8th Week Online Voting Results: Final Vote Results Revealed!: Popular and well-known reality digital series Bigg Boss Non-Stop is all set to end another week in which we have witnessed immense fun and fights among the contestants. At present, the show is going on really very well and providing a good amount of entertainment to the viewers. This week, the viewers of the show have seen some ugly fights between the contestants and were left shocked. Today is the weekend and the viewers are curiously waiting for tonight’s episode to know who will be eliminated from the show. In this article, we have brought some essential details about the eliminations and elimination.

Bigg Boss Non Stop Elimination

This week, the show BB Non-Stop has successfully managed to gain the attention of the viewers, all thanks to the daily fights between the contestants. After every passing day, the real face or personality of the contestants is coming out through tasks, fights, and nominations. The contestants are trying their level best to entertain and win the hearts of their fans. They are entertaining the audience with their extremely ugly fights, arguments, drama, and lovey-dovey friendships. It is the eighth week of the show and is still getting a good response from the viewers of the show.

Bigg Boss Non Stop Telugu 8th Week Nomination List

  • Ajay
  • Ashu
  • Akhil
  • Anil
  • Hamida

During this week’s nomination task, the viewers have seen several unexpected revelations and twists and turns. This week, a total of 5 contestants got nominated for this week’s eviction. The five nominated contestants are Ajay, Akhil, Ashu Reddy, Anil Rathod, and Hamida. The results of the online voting polls are mentioned below:

Bigg Boss Non Stop Voting Final Results Live Online Poll

  • Akhil – 34% vote share
  • Anil – 28% vote share
  • Ashu – 14% vote share
  • Hamida – 12% vote share
  • Ajay – 12% vote share

We would like to tell our readers that mentioned results above are unofficial according to which Ashu Reddy has a higher chance of getting eliminated this week. On the other hand, Akhil and Anil Rathod are at the top of the voting polls with higher votes. It will be very shocking to everyone if Ashu will eliminate from the show.

Well, the exact results of the elimination will be disclosed on Sunday. So, we have to wait for Sunday to know the name of the contestant who will be evicted from the show. The show is getting very interesting every day. The viewers excitingly wait to know who will fight tonight, and which task is going to perform in the show. Do not forget to watch the weekend episode of “Bigg Boss Non-Stop” on the digital platform, Disney+ Hotstar. Stay tuned with us for more updates.