Billy Fletcher furiously confronts Ethan over betrayal in Emmerdale

Ethan Anderson (Emile John) ended up in a confrontation with his client’s victim Billy Fletcher (Jay Kontzle) in tonight’s Emmerdale (29th April).


In last night’s episode, lawyer Ethan had to represent a man named Jordan (Jack Parr) who was under suspicion of racially aggravated assault after Billy was attacked. As Ethan pondered whether he could continue with the case, he confided in dad Charles (Kevin Mathurin).

Charles sympathised, but advised Ethan to carry on as usual – referencing his own experiences in his role as a vicar. Charles said he occasionally had to hear difficult things from parishioners, so he understood Ethan’s conflicting feelings.

Later, Ethan was approached by Billy’s wife Dawn (Olivia Bromley) in the Woolpack, who asked him for some general advice. Billy had told Dawn that although Jordan had been charged, he didn’t have high hopes for a conviction. Ethan explained that he couldn’t get involved, which only confused Dawn.

Eventually, Ethan admitted that he was Jordan’s solicitor, leaving the couple in a state of disbelief. He added that he initially had no idea that Billy was involved – a statement which Billy took issue with, given that he hadn’t done anything wrong, having been brutally attacked and abused by a racist man.

Dawn pleaded with Ethan to see sense and back out of the case, but although he was apologetic, Ethan wasn’t going to be told what to do. His boyfriend Marcus Dean (Darcy Grey) told him that if he had a homophobic customer, he’d simply refuse him. But Ethan explained that even if Jordan is guilty, he’s legally entitled to representation.

The question is, does Ethan really want to be the person to provide it? As Marcus assured him this would all blow over, Ethan huffed a disbelieving laugh and a nearby Billy assumed he was laughing at the situation.

Billy then confronted him a second time, with his anger leading to some harsh words as he suggested that Ethan had never experienced what he had. Ethan pointed out that he had been racially profiled just after moving to the village – but Billy reminded him that it wasn’t the same, as people might actually believe Billy was guilty.

Ah Billy stormed off, Ethan felt worse than ever as he voiced that, despite how dedicated he was to his career, he wasn’t so sure it was worth it any more. What will his next move be?

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