Blue Jays Fan Having Sex During Game Viral video on social media
Blue Jays Fan Having $ex During Game Goes Viral

Blue Jays Fan Having $ex During Game Viral video

As we previously reported, one fan was allegedly caught giving what appeared to be oral s..ex to a fan at an Oakland A’s game last week … which resulted in a police investigation “couple from Toronto wasn’t the first to figure out a different way to enjoy an MLB game. Prior to that, a couple went viral while watching a match because they were engaged in se*x.

What isvBlue Jays Fan Having $ex Viral video explain

the viral video, we can see a woman wearing a white top laying on top of the man as they engage in sexual activity. The video was recorded and posted online, where it has since gone viral on social media happened is that “August 29, 2022, during the game of Joy against the team Cubs to leave the stadium after they engaged in a se*x act in the stadium’s upper levels. The couple was discovered having se*x at the Rogers Centre where the match took place. A video of their act is currently going viral online. The video shows a woman sitting on top of the man, and it is clear that neither of them is paying attention to the game because they are too busy making out with each other.

Blue Jays Fan viral video on Action

The action seemingly made its way up North at the Rogers Centre for the Jays’ matchup against the Chicago Cubs on Monday … when two fans decided to say “screw the game — let’s (allegedly) screw instead!! Watch complete video.

Blue Jays Fan Having $ex During Game Goes Viral