Blueface Challenges Soulja Boy To A Fight. Blueface has continued his feud with Soulja Boy, going as far as to challenge the veteran rapper to a physical fight.

“Soulja meet me tomorrow 5pm at Glendale park bro neutral area nobody hood or none bring whoever you want bro please show up an run my fade on sY,” Blue wrote on X in the early hours of Sunday morning. Furthermore, Blue also continued to bring up the fact that he had previously slept with Soulja’s BM.

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Blueface Challenges Soulja Boy To A Fight

“This his Bm right here….shouldn’t have brought up Jaidyn f-ck n-gga….play this at the versus an it’s over,” Blue wrote on X alongside a video.

Blue and Soulja are currently beefing over claims both made about a hypothetical Verzuz battle between them. The feud started when Soulja dismissed Blue’s catalog, suggesting that the LA rapper would simply perform “Thotiana” five times.

Blueface Challenges Soulja Boy To A Fight

Blue responded by saying he’d slept with Soulja’s aforementioned BM. “I hit yah Bm already soulja boy ask her who perform better hit for hit. I ain’t never told one lie he naming all these people he got songs with he don’t even know me an his Bm made a whole album.

My d-ck is bigger than yours,” Blue shot back.