Boruto Chapter 69 SPOILERS Reddit Raw Leaked On Twitter And Reddit: Important news for the anime fans, Boruto, Naruto: Next Generations Chapter 69 is going to be amazing. The confirmation of Boruto with Kawaki and Code is becoming increasingly heated. Chapter 69 of Boruto will bring things to a close. Admirers are thrilled to discover who will win. In the previous chapter, Boruto watched the story slow down slightly after all the events of the Code are unraveled at a blistering pace. Keep on reading this post to discover more about Boruto Chapter 69 raw scans, spoilers, the release date of the forthcoming chapter, and where to read the chapter for free.

Boruto Chapter 69 Spoilers

Admirers can expect Boruto Chapter 69 to pick up instantly from where the last chapter left off. Neither Ikemoto nor Kishimoto is a big fan of switching scenes when something major is set up and this comes up to be one such moment.

The next chapter will most certainly continue the ongoing fight between Bronco and Code and admirers’ nights get to watch a true glimpse of how powerful the scientific ninja technology of Konoha has really gotten. It must be observed, though that Delta was indeed weaker than Code, meaning that unless Bronco has been particularly improved upon, she does not stand much of a chance against Code.

Boruto Chapter 69 Spoilers Leaked On Reddit

It is highly likely that Code will come out on the top in the next chapter of the story and finally get his wish granted. If the prosperous deals with Bronco sans too much trouble, there is nothing stopping him from forcing Amado to get his limiters off. In doing so, he would gain access to the immense raw power that he desires in order to fulfill the wish of Isshiki and then destroy Naruto Uzumaki and all those who played a significant part in the death of Isshiki Otsutsuki. Code is ultimately being set up as the next big villain after all and for him, getting his limiters off is of utmost importance.

Boruto Chapter 69 Release Date

The official Japanese edition of Boruto Naruto Next Generations Chapter 69 was planned for release on Monday, 18th April 2022. The English edition of Boruto Naruto Next Generations Chapter 69 will be released as follows:

  • British Time (BST): 05:00 PM on Sunday, 18th of April 2022
  • Central Time (CST): 11:00 AM on Sunday, 18th of April 2022
  • Pacific Time: 09:00 AM on Sunday, 18th of April 2022
  • Eastern Time: 12:00 Noon on Sunday, 18th of April 2022