Megan Hall, 24, was a vulnerable and optimistic applicant for the City of La Vergne police department, but her action in the leaked video is speaking otherwise. She is one of the most trending topics and searched personalities on Twitter without a doubt. A video that appeared on Reddit and Twitter a few days ago has contributed to her popularity on social networking sites for the past several days.

Check Megan Hall Video Leaked on Twitter

The leaked video of Megan Hall took the internet by storm and started buzzing all over the web. The name Megan Hall might be trending on social media platforms, but many are unaware of who she is. In this article, we have compiled all the essential details about Megan Hall video. Keep reading!

Who is Megan Hall?

Megan hall was a police officer who was accused of cheating her husband to her fellow officers. She is 24 years old and now got fired after getting caught.

What this Megan Hall video is about?

Megan Hall serves as a police officer for the City of Lavergne. She gained attention after her scandalous video was leaked on Twitter. She is seen having an affair with fellow officers at the La Vergne Police Department in the video. Suddenly, this issue went viral and captured people’s attention online. Now, netizens are curious to watch Megan Hall’s leaked video. Where can I watch Megan Hall’s leaked video?

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Check Megan Hall Video Leaked on Twitter
Source – Twitter

You can find the viral video of Lavergne police officer Megan Hall on Twitter by searching for her name. The feed will display several results. Megan Hall was terminated after her news went viral online, according to reports. According to the news, the female officer was involved in an incident with six other La Vergne Police Department officers (Lieutenant Lewis Powell, Detective Seneca Shields, Sergeant Ty McGowan, and Officer Juan Lugo).

Three officers were suspended for their involvement in the scandal: Larry Holladay, Patrick Magliocco, and Gavin Schoeberl. She is married to Jedidiah. According to sources, he is standing by her and committed to saving his marriage to Megan. As Megan has stated, she was in an open marriage, and she also tried to include Jedidiah in swinging sessions, but he refused. It is unclear if the viral video was intentionally leaked or if it was posted by someone who had her permission to do so. We will keep you updated with more details if we find any in the future.

However, her lawsuit alleges that it has been difficult for her to obtain a job since the leaked video scandal made national news and she was fired. In her lawsuit, Hall claims that after being fired, she was hired by a restaurant, but she was fired further because of the negative publicity.