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Danny Lim Video viral

The 74-year-old has become popular in Sydney for his witty and controversial sandwich board signs. Reddit

Mr Lim’s original sign at the time of the arrest said: “Peace smile people can change Tony you c t. Liar, heartless, cruel. Peace be with you.” with the words

Tricky lying Tony you c t Screw education health, jobs & the environment children’s future smile”.

Despite a magistrate accepting the sign was created as a play on words in February, 2016, it was still deemed offensive.

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In August 2017, Judge Andrew Scotting overturned that decision, noting the word had been used in Shakespeare’s Hamlet, used regularly on television and was considered less offensive in Australia than in other English-speaking countries.

It is understood Danny Lim was taken into custody by the officers for ‘offensive behaviour’. Supplied Video of the arrest shows an officer holding a sandwich board sign that reads.

Danny Lim Video – Who is Danny Lim viral Video – Danny Lim Video twitter

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SMILE CV T! WHY CV T?”Mr Lim in August 2018 successfully had a 2015 conviction for offensive conduct overturned over a sandwich board which mocked then-prime minister Tony Abbott with a clever rewriting of the word “can’t”.

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After first being convicted of offensive behaviour, a legal battle ensued over whether the ordinary Australian finds the word c-t offensive.

Iconic Sydney activist Danny Lim has been arrested by three police officers in the Sydney CBD.

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Supplied Popular Sydney sandwich board activist Danny Lim has been arrested for offensive behaviour in the city’s CBD.

The 74-year-old was fined after three police officers arrested him on Exchange Place in Barangaroo about 9.20am today.

It’s unclear what the offensive behaviour involved. Sydney sandwich board activist Danny Lim arrested over ‘offensive behaviour.