Dune Popcorn Bucket Guy video Guy playing with Dune Popcorn bucket goes viral Video. His road leads into the theater. No, not Paul Atriedes’, but instead a person who dressed like a Fremen and created a way to wormride to see Dune: Part Two over the weekend.

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Dune Popcorn Bucket Guy video Guy playing with Dune Popcorn bucket goes viral Video

Tiktok user Josh Gammon posted the video of the unnamed person riding the makeshift sandworm around an AMC theater in Tusla, Oklahoma. It’s unknown whether Gammon himself or someone else created the vehicle, which is decorated like the creature from the Dune series. The person is also dressed like a Fremen to complete the impressive Dune: Part Two cosplay.

Dune Popcorn Bucket Guy video

The above video isn’t the first thing about Dune: Part Two to go viral. Earlier this year, the stars of the sequel reacted to the sandworm popcorn bucket celebrating the movie. Gurney Halleck actor Josh Brolin plainly stated he wasn’t “going to stick my hand in there.

Dune: Part Two director Denis Villeneuve also had a memorable response to the AMC collectible bucket. “When I saw it, I went, ‘Hoooooly smokes,'” Villeneuve told The New York Times. “What the [expletive]!? At the same time, it created a lot of fun online.”


playing with Dune Popcorn bucket goes viral Video

Over this past weekend, Dune: Part Two doubled what the first film made at the domestic box office. The sequel reportedly earned $81.5 million in the US, with a total global haul of $178.5 million. For more, check out Game Spot’s Dune: Part Two review.