Feral Frenzy video leaked on twitter and reddit. The release of Dead by Daylight x Resident Evil Project W in late August 2022 introduces a new killer and two new survivors to Dead by Daylight’s Fog.

Feral Frenzy video leaked on twitter and reddit

In addition to these new characters, a redesigned Raccoon City Police Department map and new skins, six new achievements have been added. How to get the High-Speed ​​Pursuit achievement in Dead by Daylight.

The High-Speed ​​Pursuit achievement was released with Wesker, and it’s one of the best killers to get it.

The High-Speed ​​Track achievement requires you to jump 50 times while hunting survivors in public matches.

Most killers jump slower than survivors, so jumping after hunting down survivors usually doesn’t make sense.

However, there are a few ways to adjust your playstyle to ensure you get the High Speed ​​Pursuit achievement.

It’s best to play Killer Legion or Mastermind when trying to get achievements. Legion can quickly jump trays during Feral Frenzy, and Mastermind can use his Vicious Bindings to quickly jump trays.

If you play one of these killers and prioritize their power, you can earn the High Speed ​​Pursuit achievement in five or fewer matches.

Alternatively, if you don’t have or don’t want to play The Legion or The Mastermind, you can still hop on Survivor to chase with other killers – but you should do so strategically. As we mentioned before, the Killer is usually slower than the Survivor when jumping, and if you jump too often, you can easily lose the chase.

Even while jumping and playing mind games with survivors, using perks can help you keep up with the quest.

For example, try equipping the Joker’s teachable skill, Bamboozle, which increases your jump speed and prevents survivors from jumping out of windows after you. You can also try Albert Wesker’s new teachable skill Advanced Anatomy, which increases your jump speed on windows after a nearby survivor makes a quick jump.