After a woman was seen with a bottle in her vagina in front of a shocked crowd at Foxtail/Skybar, the bar in Pittsburgh known for their wild pool parties, the venue’s owners have closed their doors until further notice. The incident apparently occurred some time ago, but the video that showed her crazy behavior went viral on social media recent days.

Foxtail Skybar nightclub Pittsburgh video leaked, South Side Bar shuts down over problematic customers

On Tuesday, the venue’s management announced on their website and Instagram that they are closing down for a while. The owners of Foxtail/Skybar have decided to close the bar until further notice, according to a statement. The reason for closing is that the climate for running a night time business in the South Side neighborhood has gotten too unstable, and the clientele are too problematic.

The owners mentioned that the safety and well-being of their customers and staff is their main priority. The venue did not mention the viral video in their statement on closing down. Eugene Ricciardi, the District Justice for the area, spoke directly about the lewd video to local media after the bar was closed.

According to WPXI, people as far away as Florida saw the video, making it an embarrassment for the area. Ricciardi told the South Side of Pittsburgh needs to be put on lock down because of the crime rate in the area, according to what the bar owner had told him. He said, What does that say about us? We have to shut down until we can get things under control.

I actually talked to the owner myself, and he agreed to shut down the third floor swimming pool. Mayor Ed Gainey told South Side residents and business owners at a meeting last month that he is dedicated to public safety. However, he also cautioned that the crime in the area is not going to be solved overnight. The South Side has been dealing with crime for 20 years, Gainey said.