Identified – American Guests Found Dead At Sandals Resort

Sandals Resorts Bahamas Deaths: Identified – American Guests Found Dead At Sandals Resort: News has been seen out were An American woman who stayed in a resort in the Bahamas got severe injuries and is hospitalized in Miami. According to reports, she was coming to the Bahamas to attend a meeting but when discovered that she was in the hospital and taking some treatments. Follow More Update On

Sandals Resorts Bahamas Deaths

The resort manager was shocked and can’t believe how a person from our hotel got the injuries. There is something strange that happened between them. She is not the one who got the injuries. Three other men who were staying in the same hotel but live in different rooms have died of unknown causes at a Sandals resort.

Royal Bahamas Police Force Commissioner Paul Rolle says, we found three bodies which were dead and the woman’s body who got injuries. She has been taken to the hospital and started treatment. Doctors take good care of her. The three bodies which are dead belong to American nationality and the lady was also an American.

Sandals Resorts Bahamas Deaths Identified 

The woman’s identity was not released yet. But her condition was very serious said Miami Doctors. Initially, she was airlifted to a hospital in Nassau but when doctors knew that they need a big hospital to treat her perfectly then they transferred her to a bigger hospital where doctors full take care of her and measure each and everything.

Cops are still trying to figure out what exactly happened to her and why she and other people died. Why not someone else. Cops passed a statement that something around 9 A.M. on Friday, resort staff alerted and found an unresponsive man in a villa. And after reaching further, they found an additional man and a woman in another villa. When cops entered the first villa of the bedroom they found a man lying on the ground with no signs of breathing. Later on, a local doctor was called and he pronounced him dead.

When the officers reached the second villa, they discovered a dead body that was in the bathroom. And the woman was found in the bedroom which was lying on the bed. According to cops, the man and woman have a lot of complaints about the illness which was suffering the prior evening. But the manager was busy with other guests and they are introducing the rooms to the other guests. They didn’t notice that person.

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