WATCH: Imran Khan Leaked Video Goes Viral On Social Media: Now, things are becoming hotter in Pakistan because the Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan was kicked out of the Parliament as a no-confidence vote was presented in the general assembly. Now Imran Khan was not in power many people and other politicians tried to take him down by circulating about his sexual activities with some girls. Yes, in past he made physical relations with some girls which now politicians use to exploit him. As he was kicked out of the parliament and he becomes a normal person. Follow More Update On

Imran Khan Leaked Video

He is the chairman of the political party TehreekeInsaf and former Prime Minister. Not only did he do wrong with the females but also did great work which many don’t talk about him. He improves policies in Pakistan and always tries to make good relations between India and Pakistan. He also made good relations rest of the countries like the US, China, and many more. He did great work when it comes to serving the nation.

Everybody was hoping that he completes his five years of prime minister but unfortunately, he can’t do that. He stayed in the Prime minister position for only four years. If he accomplishes the position of five years then his name comes into a list where many prime ministers’ names have been listed for having more than five years. But he failed to do so.

Imran Khan Leaked Video Viral on Twitter 

A video of him has circulated on the internet where he was doing some nasty things with some pretty girls. The video was about two to three minutes long. Some people are asking that is he the Imran Khan who has been doing sexual things with the girl. People are confused and they want to know the real truth.

Some Pakistani news channels also cover his news. The video got deleted instantly when it was uploaded. Those who viewed it. They made the clip of him and recorded it on their devices. Now they were circulating his video on other platforms. If see any kind of his video then simply delete it. We highly recommend it to our users.

Don’t see it and don’t share it. As it hurts the image of him as well as the girls. It is not the first case that has been seen on the internet. There are many cases that still pending and cops didn’t find the real culprit.

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