Jennylyn Mercado Pregnant: Actress Announced pregnancy on Instagram: Becoming a mother is the most emotional and memorable feeling for any woman. As said by ancestors, the woman can only be complete after becoming a mother. Whether it is a common woman or any celebrity the feelings of becoming a mother are the same. On hearing the news of a celebrity’s pregnancy, her fans get excited and keen to know every detail related to her. One such pregnancy news of a celebrity is nowadays become a topic of discussion as she posted her baby bump on her social media accounts. Yes, your assumption is right we are talking about Jennylyn Mercado.Jennylyn Mercado Pregnant: Actress Announced pregnancy on Instagram

Jennylyn Mercado Pregnant

Jennylyn Mercado is in her 3rd trimester (30 weeks) of pregnancy as she shared a pregnancy update on Thursday (3rd March 2022). She posted a few pictures of her swimming session presumably this morning. In the Instagram pictures, Jennylyn wore a long-sleeved white bathing suit with her growing baby bump making itself known and peeking at the space that makes her bathing maternity suit like a 2-piece ensemble.

In the post, the blooming mom-to-be enjoyed a cool dip under the summer sun, which was captured by the excited dad-to-be Trillo.  Crediting her “hubby” actor Dennis Trillo, as the photographer Mercado penned in the caption which reads that “30th week swimming with my girl! @dennistrillo.”


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Mercado (34-years-old) and Trillo (40-years-old) are expecting a daughter for the first time. They each have a son from their respective past relationships, Jennylyn with Patrick Garcia and Dennis with ex-beauty queen Carlene Aguilar Ocampo. Pals like  Sheena Halili Chynna Ortaleza, and Marian Rivera all exclaimed their excitement over the nearing due date of Jennylyn with Marian stating she was excited to meet her inaanak. Kapuso primetime queen Marian Rivera quipped “Aww super excited na ako makita ka inaanak ko stay safe mare.”

Last year November, Jennylyn and long-time beau Dennis Trillo takes the marriage vow 3 weeks after declaring they were not only pregnant but also engaged. The couple had been attempting to conceive through surrogacy due to the previous difficulty of Mercado to get pregnant. They though were surprised last year when they conceived the baby naturally. Mercado and Trillo have been chronicling their personal milestones via a Youtube vlog series, from their engagement, confirmation of their pregnancy to their marriage.