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His gay audience-specific grooming advice is well-known. Due to his distinctive personality, fans enjoy his content and videos.

Additionally, he added more than 66.5k subscribers to his YouTube channel.

Kevin Leonardo leaked video

Kevin, an Indonesian YouTuber, gained notoriety for his contentious makeup tutorial. His videos on cosmetic life hacks and makeup tutorials have made him incredibly well-known.

He earned his bachelor’s in communication and media studies from Harapan University in 2021, and he is a graduate of that institution.

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Kevin posted a pornographic video on June 25th, and it has since shocked internet users scandalized them, and sparked a firestorm of debate.

Many fans believe Leonardo went too far when he posted a tutorial video showing how to remove hair from the buttocks using Nair hair removal cream. In the video titled “Removing B**T HAIRS Using NAIR Cream.