Kim Garam Thread Bullying Scandal Controvery Video: A new social media dispute has been trending online. Kim Garam, a rising social media star, is currently involved in a heated debate. Some news sources have recently claimed that she was a school bully. Also, there are some videos that have been revolving around the internet, and they deal with a variety of challenges that the young celebrity is dealing with. As per the reports, a few of her friends shared some of her feelings. Some of them admitted that they never felt comfortable around her and that she bullied them constantly.

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Kim Garam Thread Bullying Scandal Controvery Video Viral 

After this incident, her parent’s statements are also coming forward where they revealed that they were unaware of this incident.  But there was a dark side to the narrative, and after all these years, it is finally being revealed to fans and supporters. Because she was always attempting to be a cool and charming personality during her school days, it must have been extremely difficult and torturous for her classmates.

But there is no confirmation about the truth behind this. However, some internet ideas suggest that this could simply be a bogus charge intended to ruin her reputation because she is one of the most popular celebrities.

Kim Garam Bullying Controversy Video

This usually happens when your competitors are jealous of you. She has been promoting and supporting several brands. She has already established a name for herself and has accomplished a lot with her co-stars. She has a number of interesting projects in the works, and her fan base is steadily growing. There isn’t a lot of information or proof available on this accusation. If we will get any updates we will soon update you here. So, make sure you are updated with us.

Talking about her, she is a young and attractive girl who has been on numerous television and web programs. She is a South Korean woman. She has a massive fan following and people really adore her. Also, she is quite active on her social media handles. Recently, she is working on many projects that will be soon revealed. We’ll be back soon with more information and fascinating stories from all across the world.