Lira Girl Full Leaked Video: Nowadays, there are a lot of videos that have been trending all over social media. People have been showing interest in the leaked video and find the full video through social media handles. If the video involves any social media celebrity or the adult industry, it’ll be a hot topic on social media. People have been following two people recently. Because of his leaked video, Lira and QFM Radio CEO Ken Okello has become another hot topic on Twitter and other social media pages. There is some private video of them that has been trending.

Lira Girl Full Leaked Video Tape With QFM Radio CEO Ken Okello Exposed!
The film has been viewed by many people on social media and reshared on other platforms as well, and it has also caught Ugandans’ attention. The reason the video is viral within a minute is because of Ken Okello, who is a well-known Ugandan figure. According to several reports, the video is not real and is completely fabricated. The gentleman in the video isn’t even Ken Okello. In the video, a girl named Lira (Twitter Name) appears alongside Ken Okello. There’s a lot to learn about the QFM Radio CEO and the girl here.

Lira Girl Full Leaked Video

According to the reports, the girl was discovered on Twitter with the handle @MarieAuma3 and the name Marie. She penned her name Marie (Lira’s Finest) and as a result, her name Lira became famous. The video is now becoming viral, with terms like “Lira Leaked Video Online” being used. The person has approximately 741 followers and over 2K followers. While composing this, the information is provided.

According to the sources, In the video, a man appears to be relaxed after drinking and eating the forbidden fruit. He is accompanied by a lovely and youthful black lady who is smiling at him and sharing her drink with him. In just a few hours, the video was shared on social media and viewed by millions of people.

As a result, the video continues to attract the attention of Ugandans and other social media users. Lira also posted some screenshots on her official account, saying, “Hello lovely, How are things going for you? Just remember that whatever happened shouldn’t tear you down; I’m here for you, and we’re all in this together. Everything will be fine if you just turn a blind eye and play deaf.”

Who Is QFM Radio CEO Ken Okello?

Apart from that, if we’re talking about the man in the video, he’s Ken Okello, the CEO of QFM Radio, and he’s probably around 28 years old (unclear). He is well-known for his work in Uganda, as well as a well-liked figure who has grown in popularity as a result of his leaked film on the internet.