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Magali Berdah video leaked – de Magali berdah sur Twitter video

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Who is Magali Berdah?

Magali Berdah is a French fact TV personality representative, presenter, and television writer. Magali creates in January 2017 by the business Shauna Events. Its objective is to join the desires of reality TV characters.

She is a well-known character on Social media strategies because she has millions of supporters on her social media locations like Instagram.

Her School & college Education was obtained. She is a very qualified soul. She achieved many successes in her life.

Magali Berdah video

Magali Berdah entertained a lot of awareness on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube with thousands of strong supporters.

Offended and disturbed for several months on Twitter and Instagram by rapper Booba, Magali Berdah can’t take it anymore. The deputy of many reality TV stars reported her circumstance in a meeting.

A condition that has to fulfill painful for the locals of Lyon. The rapper charges him in the special of affecting a risk to fresh culture.

After a sudden reaction from the rapper, the truth TV priestess accomplished not hesitate to counter-attack in articles communicated on her Instagram statement.

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