Makis Katmetzoglou Twitter Leaked Video on Instagram and Reddit! The 18-year-old is thought to be one who uploaded Tounti’s Purple Video. The surname Makis Katmetzoglou is currently trending on the Web as a result of a new video that went viral.

Makis Katmetzoglou Instagram Leaked Video goes viral on social media. She famous model, actress and social media influencer. She has a million fans on Instagram.

Makis Katmetzoglou Twitter Leaked Video on Instagram and Reddit!

The video has gone viral, particularly on Facebook and Instagram. This movie is popular on youtube, and surfers are fast spreading that on other key sites. Find out more about Makis Katmetzoglou Twitter Pink Clip.

According to accounts, Tounti was also 18 years old at the time she encountered Katmetzoglou, as well as the story, has since been the sexual main topic of conversation on the internet.

Makis Katmetzoglou Leaked Video

She described how painful that is that my identity has again has become a hot issue for no obvious cause.

Makis Katmetzoglou is trending all over the Internet because of the recent Instagram viral video.

On some occasions, she revealed details of the individual that created this film, which had detailed data, and she also stated it is a vendetta film that was later shared on social networking sites.

Loanna Touni, a girl, notified everyone via her Insta page just a few hours ago that she disputed all claims stating Dimitris Fintirikos gave her pink film.

Who Is Makis Katmetzoglou?

Loanna Touni was included in the movie; her face is seen in the footage as she was sexually involved with a male and this is all being filmed.

The Social Networking sites user subsequently disclosed that her pink film was not released by Dimitris Fintirikos, but by Makis Katmetzoglou, who turned the personal film available as a form of retaliation.

The 18 years old Michael Schaffer is said to be responsible for uploading Tounti’s Pink Video. The video is trending across the Internet and

She goes on to warn that Katmetzoglou may sue her as a result of the film and that she lacks good proof to back up any of her charges against the social networking sites star.

She stated said she enjoys mentioning the names of the people who wrecked her reputation throughout Greece, despite the absence of sufficient proof.

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Makis Katmetzoglou Wikipedia Biography Age:

She stated that she still believes the young lady would be held accountable for what occurred to her.

Touni went on to say that she may very well go to jail for falsely accusing him. Aside from just that, he particularly emphasized an unnecessary assault on his Ig account.

Makis Katmetzoglou has yet to make a remark on Touni’s film in which he is implicated by her.

people are sharing it rapidly on some other significant platforms. The video clip especially circulating on Instagram and Facebook got lots of popularity.

It is being shared with the name of,

Makis Katmetzoglou pink video.
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We will just get a return from you with additional information, but in the meanwhile, stay tuned. All of her supporters are eager to find out who will be telling the whole truth, yet a large number of people support Touni.