Merly Morello is a Peruvian actress and social media star.Merly Morello was born on 22, January 2004 in peru.

Peruvian actress who is widely known for her role as Liliana Guerra Salas in the TV show De vuelta al barrio. In late 2018, she joined the pop band Quattro. According to Astrologers, Merly Morello’s zodiac sign is Aquarius.

Who’s Merly Morello? VIDEO de Merly Morello- Video on Reddit, Instagram, tiktok ,twitter

Merly Morello has 1.8 Millions followers on Instagram while she has posted 535 posts on Instagram.Merly Morello considered as a famous TikTok star as well in peru.

  • Merly Morello gained fame from Instagram and Tiktok.
  • Merly morello came into limelight after individuals tiktok videos go viral on TikTok.
  • Merly morello is considered prime influencer in Peru and Merly has done with several Commercial ads.

Video De Merly Morello Viral on Twitter, Reddit:

Merly Morello’s video is one of the most talked-about topics on the internet at the moment.

Merly Morello video has gone viral on Reddit, where Merly allegedly shows some moves that are quite private and explicit.

Just as the actress turned 18, a video has gone viral on Reddit and Twitter that shows her somewhat exposed. The girl in the video looks like her, and fans are still waiting for the actress’s reaction to all of it.

Few of the citizens are claiming that the lady featured within the video isn’t an merly Morello.The lady should be a look-alike the actress or it has been accomplished by modifying.

However, her mother has already spoken out about the incident. She said that the actress is currently on a vacation and she is unable to receive any signal.

Merly Morello mother harsh reaction on viral video:
Posting via Merly’s Instagram account, her mother wrote,

“We are surprised to see how they spread a false video of her and the worst thing is that everyone rotates it through WhatsApp and Telegram networks and groups.”

Merly Morello instagram profile link is below

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