She was terrified by what she saw when she came upon the source of the agonizing groans. Alejandra Ico Chub, a neighbor of hers, was injured and dismembered, lying in a pool of blood. She was still alive, clinging to life despite the terrible wounds that had been inflicted upon her. Read more about ms pacman guatemala mujer face split original video in this article

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The crime scene was a bloody bloodbath with blood all over the space. Alejandra was sobbing as she lay on her bed. Her face was torn in two, her arms had been severed, and the top of her skull had nearly been entirely removed.

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None other than her boyfriend was accountable for this horrific deed. He had used a machete to attack her, causing her to lose her hands and suffer facial disfigurement. Alejandra was seen and heard fighting in her last moments, trying to speak through the pain. Her neighbors recorded a number of recordings of the gruesome sight, which rapidly went popular on social media.

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In the recordings, a woman could be heard sobbing hysterically upon seeing the victim. It was almost impossible for paramedics to get to her in time due to the distant location. Alejandra reportedly endured nearly 30 minutes of anguish before passing away, according to witnesses.

The criminal was eventually apprehended last Thursday in the community of Las Mnecas in Excán, Quiche, after eluding capture for nearly four days and trying to flee to Mexico.

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