The loss album cover features Model, Nail Stylist and Dancer Qui Yasuka, who is also known as Suki Baby. People want to know who is on the cover of Qui Yasuka’s album; read more about her here.

Who is Qui Yasuka on the album cover?

As a professional adult dancer, Qui Yasuka is also known as Qui Yasuka aka Suki Baby. She is based in Houston and is famous for her nail skills, modeling, and dancing.

Born in 1998 in North Carolina, USA, model Yasuka is 24 years old. She spent most of her childhood in the US before migrating to Japan as a young adult.

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In August she mentioned in a series of tweets that she was once a promising 3D design artist. She started her company after learning how to draw and create 3D models in high school. She starts each new business with a nail salon.

On what album does the person appear?

The current album released by Drake is titled Her Loss. Its cover features an attractive young woman with full baby hair, sparkling eyes and two gold teeth. Qui Yasuka is a popular Japanese model known as Suki Baby.

She released two albums with two hip-hop legends before being identified by the public. People are curious about who she was and how she ended the project. Suki Baby’s appearance on Drake’s new album is a reflection of her mixed heritage.

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As a Japanese, Black and Cherokee woman, she has long lashes and two gold teeth on the cover of Quiana Yasuka. In Houston, Texas, adult performer Suki also operates a nail salon.

A collaborative album by Canadian rapper 21 Savage and a rapper from Atlanta named Drake. The album, called Her Loss, was released on November 4, 2022, on labels OVO, Republic, Slaughter Gang and Epic. It has a length of 60:33.

Quiana Yasuka, also known as Suki Baby, is the woman featured on the album cover of Drake’s latest release.

She is an exotic dancer, nail stylist and 3D designer who has collaborated with both Drake and 21 Savage on their new album, titled Her Loss. This is the first time that these two chronologies have shared an album.