Reddit Maia Scout Violet, TikTok Reaction To Maia Knight Favoring Twin Violet Over Scout: Maia Knight recently featured her favorite Scout and Violet in a Tiktok video, and her fans were quick to respond. Maia Knight, 25, of New York, became a TikTok sensation after filming her life with her nine-month-old fraternal twins Violet and Scout. In a recent interview, she detailed her ex’s horrifying reaction to her unexpected pregnancy and the months leading up to her daughter’s birth last year. After Maia discovered she was pregnant with twins, her boyfriend advised her to have an abortion and cease contacting him.

Reddit Maia Scout Violet

Maia is well-known on social media for being the single mother of two daughters, Scout and Violet. Maia was diagnosed with preeclampsia at 34 weeks and was transported to a hospital three hours away after experiencing contractions and heart failure. On March 22, 2021, Maia’s daughters were delivered early and spent three weeks in the neonatal intensive care unit. She realized she had the support of her family and friends and that she could survive as a single mother because she loved her “beautiful little kids,” she added.



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Maia Knight Favoring Twin Violet Over Scout

Maia Scout just went live on Tiktok, and her fans had conflicting feelings about her video because she chose a child over her twins. According to the video, she added, “Scout and I just got back from the grocery store,” before getting into her car after shopping at Walmart. Scout was her favorite, she responded quickly, stunning her audience. “And it’s because of this that I brought her instead of her sibling,” she went on. She then proceeded to tell her “favorite” daughter about her day, explaining that she had been excluded from her college campus due to allergies and that they needed to be extra cautious. When she aired her incredible video, many mothers chastised her for daring to claim she had a favorite daughter.

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Violet when Maia has scout for the videos #fyp #xyzbca #foryoupage

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Is Violet Maia Knight’s favorite over Scout?

Maia Knight joked with her fans that she prefers Violet to her daughter Scout. “It’s revolting to say she has favorites,” one person said. It’s not at all comfortable. ” If they see this, you’re going to hurt them. “ It’s blatantly incorrect.” “It’s terrible for the other sibling, who is always wondering why they aren’t good enough.” “I hope you’re kidding,” said a third, “but your daughter might see this one day and it’ll be tough to explain.” Mom Maia, on the other hand, was joking because she always says the same thing about both of her daughters when she dates only one of them.

Reddit Maia Scout Violet’s Ig Photos And Age

Maia Scout is a single mother of two little daughters, the photographs of whom can be found on her Instagram feed. She is a TikToker, Instagram star, YouTuber, and social media influencer with a lot of success. Maia has a significant international fan base and is sometimes seen as an influencer. She has a popular YouTube account where she posts videos for her own children. Her Instagram account has almost 2 million followers. Many people were moved by her TikTok videos. Maia is also a lifestyle Instagram influencer that posts a variety of photographs.


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