Following the premiere of the much anticipated MTV Roadies, the fans showered loved and support for season 18. Along with the new host Sonu Sood, the reality show offered plenty of new twists and tricks to the fans. From high-octane tasks and eliminations to friendships going awry, the show has been witnessing many interesting things already. Well, it is no doubt to state that the fans of the show watch it for that reason only. Let us find out the highlights of today’s episode in the article mentioned below.

Roadies 18 Today’s Episode 24th April 2022 Baseer Ali And Ashish Bhatia Get Into A Fight

With an innovative format and some changes, the show is not leaving any stone unturned to encourage the contestants to push their limits, be it physically, mentally, or emotionally. Well, in the latest episode, Ashish Bhatia opened up about prioritizing his friends over the game. Ashish revealed his take on balancing equations with his team members and his friends from the rival team. During a bonfire vote-out session, Moose Jattana expressed her disappointment in Ashish and went on to call her Fattu. It left the rest of the contestants furious. Besides, the viewers also did not like Moose’s distasteful remark and slammed her for disrespecting him.

On another side, Kevin Almasifar and Baseer Ali are also facing issues between them. Recently, Ashish found a difficult situation when he has to choose between his long-time friend Baseer and teammate Kevin. Due to Ashish’s choice, the duo got into a serious fight. Yes, Baseer Ali would not like the choice made by Ashish and this would be enough for them to get in a tiff. Baseer along with Gaurav tells Ashish that it is high time when the latter choose a team and quit playing the game in a diplomatic way.

Unlike Ashish Bhatia, Baseer Ali and Gaurav ask Ashish to pick aside. They say if he comes to their team, they would not vote him out but he supports the other team, they would not be left with no choice but to vote them out. For those unversed, Ashish is in a fix as he does not know what to do. He speaks to Kevin about the team which he is playing for but at the same time his friends are on the other team and he is speaking for them as well. MTV Roadies 18 is the latest episode and is definitely going to be an interesting one. Stay tuned with us for more updates.