The most anticipated and popular youth-based reality show “Roadies” has back to make the admirers feel over the top through the further broadcasting. Because as soon as the time is episodes are going ahead the level of intensity is getting enhanced.

In short, the show is turning into the harder, so something similar is contained by the 17th April 2022 episode where you will stream some difficult stunts, which will be played by the contestants, to make their journey safe ahead because Roadies is such a show where everything is unexpected. So below you could get the comprehensive details you need to know.

Roadies Season 18 17-4-2022 Saturday Episode 6 Surfari Task Begins:

The episode begins when host Sonu Sood announces an exciting task that will create obstacles in front of the contestants.

Yes, you heard right, the Roadies will face an amazing surfing task called “Surfari” along with the five times the roadiums up for grabs. Even if all Roadies are expecting to show their A-game, will the tides favor the contestant? Since the makers made an announcement of the task the interest in the admirers is getting enhanced to stream the show. Because no one would like to be ignorant of each piece of vital information.

Roadies Season 18 Today’s Episode

It is being said, that the episode is going to be overwhelming enough as all contestants are strong enough in their strategies and game planning. Even they have their own USP as well so therefore, many specualtions are claiming that the decision will be tough enough for Sonu Sood. But now everyone is up to the Radium collection because the host already made everyone familiar with the method that who will have more Rodium that contestant will be saved from the elimination and who will have less than contestant will evict from the show. In short, the sword of eviction will hang on the neck of less-roadium collective contestants.

Till now, 5 episodes have been broadcasted by the makers and the 6th is going to take place today, and all those 5 are superhit enough, as the TRP rating was high enough in short, as the time is passing the consistency is being maintained by the makers. Therefore, as the weekend is coming the expectation of the admirers is receiving the pumped to watch the new tasks. So, therefore, since the makers dropped the promo of the coming activity the interest of the people is hitting the headlines. So do not miss streaming it on MTV at the correct time and for more details stay tuned with us.